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Retail Store Owners

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This attractive display lets you cash in BIG on the booming multi-billion dollar energy drink market!


A HOT, NEW product sweeping the globe, with over 4 million servings shipped in the first 40 weeks, is now being packaged in an attractive display box that fits on your counter and makes you money! Each display box holds 30 single servings of A.C.T., and is perfect for high-traffic areas!


This super-hot product sells itself!


Energy drinks are a multi-billion dollar market, driven by 20 to 34 year old consumers. Sales of this remarkable product continue to double week after week! With 2 years of science and development, Advanced Cell Therapy or A.C.T. is the worlds, "Feel Good Drink" and a healthy alternative to sugar and caffeine loaded energy drinks.


Put these attractive displays in your store, shop or salon for a 125% profit - or more - on each drink! The A.C.T. Display Box will quickly become your biggest counter-top revenue producer!


For more information visit M2Cglobal.

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