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Visit M2Cglobal to order your ACT and STACK. Become an authorized dealer at M2Cglobal and start making money today!


M2C Global & Manufacturing: Billions of Dollars of Products!


  • M2C Global, Inc. was created to deliver fast RESULTS and great VALUE to consumers. Our manufacturing company is approaching two billion dollars worth of products produced, based on the retail selling price! Our product development team understands the ingredients and the formulas that work!



Manufacturing Strengths:


* Manufacturing facility in a 140,000 square foot building in Dallas, Texas.

* $1.5 to $2.0 Billion worth of product manufactured, based on the retail selling price.

* Fully compliant laboratory with over 2,000 formulas created.

* Up to 50 – 100 TRUCKLOADS of product shipped every month. These TRUCKLOADS of product go out to dozens of different countries and to many familiar retail chains in your local town.

* Good Manufacturing Practices that are annually audited by an independent laboratory.



M2C Global Marketing: Rewriting the Rules!!!


For 15 years, the home office industry has marketed products directly to the consumer. Over time, the industry has gravitated towards high prices, high up-front charges and high monthly requirements


WE DO NOT DO THIS! We recognized a HUGE niche in selling directly online and shipping straight to the consumer. This true web business allows M2CGLOBAL to forfeit any added price hikes for retail chains or older middle sales type companies. This provides HUGE value to our end consumer. Since M2CGLOBAL owns the laboratory and manufacturing facilities, we can ship our products direct without a company or sales channel in between. This allows M2CGLOBAL to sell below wholesale!


M2C Global Consumer Credibility: Gaining the market share!


There are two kinds of companies, those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second. - Jeff Bezos


We knew we could change a 50+ year old "Opportunity" Industry - FOR THE BETTER! (Read "Dealer" link). We didn't feel right asking our friends to pay any "distributor" type fees to work with our manufacturing company. We know people want a FUN, SIMPLE atmosphere anyone can pursue. Most importantly, we want a LEGITIMATE business focused on consumers talking about the RESULTS of our AFFORDABLE products.


The growth is erupting with M2C global. Add retail store opportunities, television and radio advertising options with VALUE priced product brands, you begin to see a new way of doing things – the M2C Global way.

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